About the Water UK networks

The Water UK secure online networks address key strands of policy, share information and build best practice.

Role of the networks

The Water UK Networks enable our members to work collaboratively on matters of common interest. Network members may choose to meet physically or electronically using the online forums hosted on the Water UK website.

Using the networks, Water UK members can conduct group discussions and share documents via email or directly from the website.

Networks do not make policy or meet external organisations on behalf of the industry in order to negotiate; nor do they negotiate directly. They can, however, explore or scope policy issues with stakeholders and third parties.

Network moderation

Each Water UK Network is moderated by a member, to stimulate communications, keep the network within its agreed terms of reference, agreed with Water UK, and share information.

Network moderators also ensure that communications do not infringe competition law, in accordance with the Water UK Competition Law Compliance Guide.

Water UK staff contacts

Water UK provides a staff contact for each network from within our policy team and core administration.

When a network identifies an area where policy development would be required, the moderator will alert their Water UK staff member who will advise on next steps.

How to enquire about joining a network

If you are interested in becoming a member of a network within your area of specialisation, please email the Water UK web admin team signalling your interest.

Website terms and conditions of use

All Water UK Members and Network Members must abide by the Water UK website Terms & Conditions and Privacy & Cookies Policy and in accordance with the Water UK Competition Law Compliance Guide.